According to us, the management of your IT infrastructure goes through
3 major steps:

The counsel

The IT maintenance

The cybersecurity

The counsel

The IT field is evolving every day thanks to new software, new hardware, new solution, etc. Having knowledge in this area and keeping up to date therefore represents a full-time job.

This is why, as part of a maintenance contrat with Letswise, you benefit from an initial audit of your IT equipment during which we assess your hardware, software solutions, your network and its level of security. Following this diagnosis, our team will give you its recommendations to follow in order to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Subsequently, throughout the year, our team will constantly monitor your workstations and servers to support you and advise you as best as possible on improvements and applicable technological solutions.

The maintenance

Having an IT infrastructure in good condition is essential to ensure the propre functioning of a company, whatever size it is. This is why Letswise adapts to your needs and allows you to optimize the state of your workstations, servers and networks.

Our maintenance is divided into two parts :

A preventive IT maintenance which makes it possible to anticipate malfunctions and initiate an action plan before they occur. This includes, for example, updating the operating system, software or antivirus or ensuring the renewal of hardware.

A corrective IT maintenance which consists of correcting operating faults, for example in the event of infection by a virus or a defective hardware. It makes it possible to resolve the damage to restore the equipment to its initial state.

Our maintenance involves several stages:

IT audit
Supervision and monitoring
Maintenance and administration
Daily backup
Remote support and/or On-site intervention

The cybersecurity

The landscape of cybersecurity threat is constantly evolving. This makes it difficult to juggle day-to-day taskes while staying up-to-date on ever-changing threats, new hacking techniques and emerging cybersecurity technologies.

In addition, it is important to protect yourself from mistakes made internally that could paralyze your business.

That's why Letswise protects your business against internal and external security threats by securing and protecting your data.

Managing your company's internal and external cyber security involves the following steps:

Auditing your security
Multi-factor authentification
Security policies
Endpoint protection management
Mail protection
Backup and disaster recovery
Internet access control
Safety awareness
Darkweb surveillance

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